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Biographies of the WSKF Board of Directors

Kyoshi Jeff Leistner, President

Jeff Leistner began studying karate in Greenville, Ohio in 1974 at the age of 21 under the watchful eye of Kyoshi Jack McPeek and Hanshi Frank Grant. Jeff opened his dojo in Troy, Ohio and has been serving this community since 1982. In his years of Matsubayashi-Ryu study, he has had the opportunity to train with the best leaders of our style, Hanshi Frank Grant and Kyoshi Jack McPeek. Jeff also had the opportunity to train with Grand Master Nagamine and Master Takayoshi Nagamine many times. In 1991 Kyoshi Leistner was promoted by the Grand Master to Go Dan at his dojo in Naha, Okinawa. Over the years Jeff has held several positions on the Board of Directors of the WSKF and in 2004 was elected President. Kyoshi Leistner currently holds the rank of Hachi Dan and his favorite kata is Kusanku.

Kyoshi Glenda Olin, Vice President

Glenda Olin began her martial arts training in 1972 in Tae Kwon Do. After training for 3 years and receiving a 1st degree black belt, she joined the Okinawan Matsubayashi-Ryu family of karate. Since 1975, Kyoshi Olin has trained under Hanshi Grant, at his dojos on Troy Street, and Tipp City in Ohio, Kentucky and currently in Piqua, Ohio. In 1996, Glenda began teaching martial arts to children. She has since started her own non-profit organization Partners Against Crime (PAC) to support her martial arts program. In 1991 Glenda was promoted to Go Dan by Grand Master Nagamine in Okinawa. At the inception of the WSKF, Glenda was appointed by Hanshi Grant to become Secretary, a position she held until 2009. In 2004 Glenda was elected Vice President of the WSKF. Kyoshi Olin currently holds the rank of Hachi Dan and her favorite kata is Gojushiho.

Kyoshi Tommie Harris, Director

Tommie Harris started his martial arts training in 1961 at the Bushi Kai Dojo on Patterson Blvd. in Dayton, OH. This is when he met Hanshi Grant who was a Green Belt at the dojo. In 1963 when Sensei Grant opened the 5th Street Dojo, he continued his training. He was the first student to earn a Black Belt under Hanshi Grant in August, 1967. In addition to training with Hanshi Grant on 5th Street, Kyoshi Harris also trained at the dojos on Troy Street and Tipp City in Ohio, Kentucky and Piqua, Ohio. He was one of the main instructors teaching classes throughout the years and while Hanshi Grant was training in Okinawa. Kyoshi Harris is a Director on the WSKF Board of Directors. He currently holds the rank of Ku Dan in Matsubayashi-Ryu Shorin-Ryu and Sho Dan in Kobudo. His favorite basic kata is Pinan Shodan and Kusanku is his favorite advanced kata.

Kyoshi Jack McPeek, Director

Jack McPeek began studying karate at the age of 13 when Hanshi Grant agreed to accept his 2 older brothers and Jack as students. Hanshi's teaching was very strict and demanding and he never let anyone give up under any circumstances. In 1970, while in the U.S. Army Jack studied karate for over a year under Master Shoshin Nagamine in his dojo in Okinawa. Training in the tropical climate in Okinawa was difficult at first but he found his previous training under Hanshi more than prepared him for any challenge. After returning from the Army in 1973, Hanshi encouraged Jack to open his own dojo. Since then, Jack has spent many happy years watching the development and transformation of those who have come to train in the Way of Karate. In 2004 Kyoshi McPeek achieved the rank of Ku Dan and currently serves as a Director on the WSKF Board of Directors. His favorite kata are the Naihanchi.

Lori Shinall, Treasurer

Lori Shinall began her martial arts training in 1993 under the direction of Kyoshi Jeff Leistner in Troy, Ohio. She currently holds the rank of Yon Dan and is a certified instructor at the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate Dojo in Troy, Ohio. Lori currently serves as the Treasurer for the WSKF and her favorite basic kata is Pinan Yon Dan and Chinto is her favorite advanced kata.

Lisa Preston, Secretary

Lisa Preston began studying karate on New Year's Day in 1999, after one year of watching her son Jimmy train under Kyoshi Glenda Olin. In August 2005, Lisa became Kyoshi Olin's first black belt and in July 2011 she earned the rank of San Dan. Currently, Lisa teaches as a certified instructor for Partners Against Crime (PAC) Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Dojo. In 2009, Lisa was elected Secretary for the WSKF. Lisa's favorite kata are Naihanchi San Dan and Chinto.

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